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This podcast has been created to help empower those who struggle to speak their truth, set boundaries, and who wish to change their lives through the power within. If you are ready to begin living above the veil of consciousness, Lisa has the tools and the resources you will need to live your best life yet.

Lisa A Romano is a Life Coach, bestselling author, meditation teacher on Insight Timer and popular YouTube Creator who specializes in codependency and narcissistic abuse. She is the creator of The Transformational 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, Master Your Reality Coaching Program and is currently working on a program that will soon Certify Coaches to teach her methodology.

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Sep 11, 2023

Codependency in relationships isn't sexy and conquering issues related to being codependent are incredibly challenging. Codependency is often related to emotional trauma tied to childhood abandonment and neglect. Feeling invisible, uncared for and unseen arrests a child's emotional growth. Feeling abandoned, a child assumes it is their fault, which causes shame. Below the veil of consciousness, shame causes the ego to live in a defensive state, skirting around abandonment issues. 

Things like people pleasing, enabling, caretaking and looking to fix others, can be tied to expectation, disappointment, anger and even rage. And because codependency is rooted in the subconscious mind, we often don't even know we are codependent until our lives become unmanageable. That is the value of podcasts such as this, and the work of renowned Life Coach and bestselling mental wellness expert Lisa A. Romano. Listen in as she helps us face the unhealthy ways in which codependency expresses itself in our relationships. 

And if you are ready to breakthrough the chains of the past, Lisa's online courses can be an invaluable lifeline. 

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