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This podcast has been created to help empower those who struggle to speak their truth, set boundaries, and who wish to change their lives through the power within. If you are ready to begin living above the veil of consciousness, Lisa has the tools and the resources you will need to live your best life yet.

Lisa A Romano is a Life Coach, bestselling author, meditation teacher on Insight Timer and popular YouTube Creator who specializes in codependency and narcissistic abuse. She is the creator of The Transformational 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, Master Your Reality Coaching Program and is currently working on a program that will soon Certify Coaches to teach her methodology.

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Aug 11, 2023

Ever wonder about emotional healing and the law of attraction? It's not a coincidence that the airwaves we bask in are disorienting. Television, radio, and various social media outlets clammor for our attention. The more distracted we are, the more split our energy is and the less stable is our point of focus, and therefore our energy. Whether we are discussing governments, separation ideologies, politics, or the rights of individuals, or we are contemplating relationship dramas, that which causes us mental unrest makes us weak in every sense of the word, including our energy. 

Although many poo-poo, the principles of the law of attraction, or they are open to the exploring the subatomic world, is irrelevant. The human imagination cannot tell the difference between real and imagined. Your body can only respond to what is in the mind. If you feel unworthy, your body is weakened, as is your ability to make autonomous decisions that will lead to an empowering life. If you believe you need approval, at the subconscious level, every atom in your body vibrates at that resonance. And while you are worthy of respect, fun, and mutually satisfying relationships and friendships, you will not resonate with these experiences. 

The good news is, you can change your life when you embrace the principles of the law of vibration. 

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