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This podcast has been created to help empower those who struggle to speak their truth, set boundaries, and who wish to change their lives through the power within. If you are ready to begin living above the veil of consciousness, Lisa has the tools and the resources you will need to live your best life yet.

Lisa A Romano is a Life Coach, bestselling author, meditation teacher on Insight Timer and popular YouTube Creator who specializes in codependency and narcissistic abuse. She is the creator of The Transformational 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, Master Your Reality Coaching Program and is currently working on a program that will soon Certify Coaches to teach her methodology.

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Oct 1, 2019

All human beings wish for happiness, peace, and contentment but when you have been un-mothered and you have been denied a secure loving bond to your mother, it is nearly impossible to feel at home in your own skin. Science is proving that the first year of life is incredibly important when it comes to emotional, mental and even physical health. Feeling unloved as a child, creates self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety, depression, and wires the brain to be highly sensitized for stress.

Daughters and sons of mothers who have been denied healthy bonds feels as if a wall always existed between them and their mother. This inability to bond is then mirrored in the self. Denied a secure bond with 'mother' makes it almost impossible to connect with the Divine Self, especially while living below the veil of consciousness. Awakening to the false illusions of life is an opportunity to merge with the Divine Inner Child and to learn how to Love the Self from the Higher State of Consciousness.

In this episode, we discuss the Mother Wounds and some of the things you can do to more deeply connect with the Divine YOU!

It is important to remember that feeling rejected by one's parents is a traumatic event that can cause lifelong effects one must learn to recognize, validate, and heal.  

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