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This podcast has been created to help empower those who struggle to speak their truth, set boundaries, and who wish to change their lives through the power within. If you are ready to begin living above the veil of consciousness, Lisa has the tools and the resources you will need to live your best life yet.

Lisa A Romano is a Life Coach, bestselling author, meditation teacher on Insight Timer and popular YouTube Creator who specializes in codependency and narcissistic abuse. She is the creator of The Transformational 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program, Master Your Reality Coaching Program and is currently working on a program that will soon Certify Coaches to teach her methodology.

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Feb 14, 2024

Are you someone who takes care of everyone but yourself, and who feels the silent need to appear perfect and as if you have no needs? Did you grow up feeling invisible, unheard and as if you needed to suppress your emotions and true self for the sake of keeping the peace or for the sake of avoiding rejection, abandonment or some other form of punishment? If so, you may find it more difficult than most to love yourself. In this episode, Lisa A. Romano helps us understand why some adult children of alcoholics and narcissistic parents find it so challenging to put ourselves first. Self love is not selfish. It's an act of honoring the power within, and when we do not love ourselves, it is as if we are placing the candles we are in dark closets. Each of us is entitled to love as much as any other person and when we begin by loving the self with self care tips, and by acting upon self love, we literally heal the wounds of our inner child, and begin reprogramming our subconscious minds for a healthy, more empowered sense of self. 

To work with Lisa on your self love healing journey beginning soon, visit the following link to learn more, Lisa's LIVE online class is starting soon.